Property Types
Avir primarily acquires and develops industrial and suburban office properties. Such properties are essentially a commodity where tenants locate based on convenience, accessibility, functionality, and price. Avir's goal is to provide tenants with a cost effective product tailored to their needs.

Historically, industrial properties have enjoyed steady performance. Construction lead times for industrial development are relatively short, keeping demand and supply in balance. Due to sustained demand and rental increases, new development may be warranted, particularly in supply constrained locations.

Suburban office properties have become an increasingly attractive alternative to downtown locations. Cost considerations and convenience make suburban locations preferable, particularly for back office uses. Because rents remain below levels necessary to justify new development, the acquisition and redevelopment of existing properties in targeted markets is a successful investment strategy.

Targeted Markets
Operations are focused in the mid-Atlantic region, where Avir continues to build market share. Regional concentration affords Avir greater market presence and knowledge of local leasing, acquisition and development conditions. Geographic specialization also allows it to capitalize on operational economies of scale.

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